Faculty Overview

The main goal of Energy Engineering and Industrial Management faculty is training and research. With more than 380 students, our faculty has the privilege of gathering 32 highly qualified academic staff and 5 auxiliary personnel. The educational and research activities are managed by the two departments of our faculty:

  • Energy Engineering Department and,
  • Textile – Leather and Industrial Management Department.

The Energy Engineering Department coordinates the study programs in the field of energy. These programs have been offered by the University of Oradea since its establishment, in 1990.
The academic Curricula was developed according to future energy specialist needs: identifying the energy resources and efficiently exploiting them, as well as optimizing the energy consumptions in order to get a sustainable human civilization. 
The current Bologna system offers three level studies: cycle I – license studies (bachelor), cycle II – master studies, cycle III – doctoral studies. 
The following license/bachelor programs are organized by the Energy Engineering Department, as four years studies:

  • Power Systems Engineering – 75 seats;
  • Renewable Energy Systems Engineering – 50 seats;
  • Economical Engineering in the Electric, Electronic and Energy Field – 50 seats;
  • Industrial Energy Engineering – 30 seats.

The two years master degree programs available at Energy Engineering Department are:

  • Renewable Energies – 50 seats;
  • Energy Systems Management – 50 seats.

Our educational offer consists of Doctoral Studies in the field of Energy Engineering, as well.

The Textile – Leather and Industrial Management Department offers license/bachelor training programs, organized according to Bologna system on two professional directions: a common block having two years duration followed by a specialty training block of another two years.
The four year specializations coordinated by the department are:

  • Knitwear and Products Technology – 40 seats;
  • Industrial Economic Engineering – 50 seats.

The Textile – Leather and Industrial Management Department coordinates a two years master degree program:

  • Quality Management and Consumer Protection in the Field of Textile-Leather – 50 seats.

The annual scholarship taxes for 2017/2018 academic year are:

  • 3000 lei for license studies, and
  • 3300 lei for master studies.

When you become a student of Energy Engineering and Industrial Management faculty, you can get:

  • study scholarship or merit based scholarship;
  • need based scholarship, social help for underprivileged students;
  • scholarship for studying abroad, by means of Socrates-Erasmus program;
  • a quality infrastructure: modern rooms and halls, last generation laboratories, computer assisted design systems, computing equipment, research facilities, etc.;
  • internship at local companies;
  • accommodation at University of Oradea hostels;
  • access to sport fields and facilities belonging to University of Oradea;
  • free student camps on winter and summer holiday;
  • free or half price travel permits, both for local transportation and to home town.

As we address to a large number of high school graduates, the training offer of Energy Engineering and Industrial Management Faculty consists of six bachelor degree programs and three master degree programs.
All the years spend in our faculty will give you the opportunity to participate to a number of important events, specific to student life. These memories will stay in your mind for many years. Don’t miss the opportunity of being our student! We are waiting for you!

More details at the faculty secretariat, located in the main campus, building A, ground level, room A008,
phone number 0259 408 106