License degree:
POWER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING – the graduates will acquire the competences to design, lead and operate power systems especially power transport and power distribution subsystems, together with automation, control and management subsystems.
ENERGY ENGINEERING FOR INDUSTRY –the graduates will be able to analyze energy processes and consumption, focusing on energy consumers and find solutions (processes, technologies) to reduce and optimize energy consumption.
RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEM ENGINEERING – the graduates will be able to develop renewable energy-based systems for companies, to design different energy conversion technologies as well to operate and manage production sites that have special hardware and equipment.
ECONOMIC ENGINEERING IN ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC AND ENERGY POWER – the graduates will be able to design, organize, and operate energy power systems of production, transmission, distribution, supply and consumption units of electricity and thermal energy, such as to meet the national economy needs under optimal conditions.
INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICAL ENGINEERING – the graduates have the task to design, organize, and exploit textiles systems of production, distribution, supply and consumption units of textiles.
KNITWEAR AND CLOTHING TECHNOLOGY – the graduates will have adequate knowledge corresponding to fundamental and technical disciplines together with those targeting methodological and operational aspects applied to knitwear and clothing industry.

Master degree:
ENERGY SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT MASTER – the graduates will be abble to design energy systems, research and management activities on energy processes and their impact on the environment, as well as finding solutions for non-polluting processes.
RENEWABLE ENERGY – the graduates will be abble to specialize on a highly actual field: renewable energy sources.
QUALITY MANAGEMENT AND CONSUMER PROTECTION IN TEXTILES-LEATHERWORKS – the graduate are qualified for designing, research and management activities in the direction of optimal management of quality systems and consumer protection in textiles-leatherworks processes.

Ph.D. studies:
ENERGY ENGINEERING PhD STUDIES mission is essentially to identify research topics in the field of energy resources, their conversion, energy production, transport, distribution, and utilization;